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How to File A Grievance

OCRA maintains a Grievance Committee to assist with issues arising with the professional conduct of its members.  All complaints and grievances are confidential within the OCRA Grievance Committee and Board of Directors.

If you have a grievance, you must submit it in writing to the OCRA offices. All grievances are forwarded to the Grievance Committee Chair, with a copy to the OCRA President, for initial review to determine whether the grievance has been filed against a current member of OCRA. 

If the grievance is deemed to be against a current OCRA member, it shall be processed as follows: 

  • Within 30 days, the Grievance Chair requests all parties involved to submit a written response within 60 days of said request.
  • Following receipt of responses, if any, the Chair shall make a ruling in writing within 30 days to the parties and advise the parties they have 30 days to post an appeal with the Chair.
  • If an appeal is made, the matter is set for oral hearing before the full committee.
  • At the conclusion of oral hearing, the parties are given 30 days, unless waived, to submit further data.
  • Upon final submission by the parties, the committee shall have 60 days to issue its ruling by majority vote.
  • If a grievance is found to have merit, the following disciplinary actions may be recommended to the Board: 

Letter of reprimand
Temporary suspension of membership
Permanent revocation of membership

If you would like to file a grievance, please forward your concerns and any supporting documentation to OCRA via mail or email:

Ohio Court Reporters Association
Grievance Committee
605 North High Street, PMB 298
Columbus, Ohio 43215