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2017 Hagestrom Cup Champion:  Pamela Greenfield

 (Photo courtesy of Timothy Meinke)


2017 Hagestrom Cup Speed Contest overall results


1st place

Pamela Greenfield - 12 errors, 99.67%           

2nd place             

Sara Clark - 17 errors, 99.54%

3rd place

Carla Kuhn - 34 errors, 99.11%

4th place

Marlene Ebner - 38 errors, 98.93%

5th place

Timothy Meinke - 45 errors, 98.84%

6th place

Ilene White - 61 errors, 98.49%

7th place

Gregory Mizanin - 71 errors, 98.07%



2017 Hagestrom Cup contest individual leg results

Literary - 220 words per minute
1st place (tie) Pamela Greenfield - 2 errors, 99.818%    
1st place (tie) Sara Clark - 2 errors, 99.818%
2nd place (tie) Ilene White - 3 errors, 99.72%
2nd place (tie)     Tammy McGhee - 3 errors, 99.72%
3rd place Timothy Meinke - 8 errors, 99.27%
4th place (tie) Carla Kuhn - 11 errors, 99%
4th place (tie) Mary Schuler - 11 errors, 99%
5th place Marlene Ebner - 12 errors, 98.9%
6th place Angela Starbuck - 21 errors, 98.09%
7th place Gregory Mizanin - 25 errors, 97.72%


Legal Opinion (Jury Charge) - 240 words per minute
1st place Carla Kuhn - 1 error, 99.91%
2nd place (tie)        Pamela Greenfield - 7 errors, 99.41%   
2nd place (tie) Marlene Ebner - 7 errors, 99.41%
3rd place Timothy Meinke - 8 errors, 99.33%
4th place Ilene White - 9 errors, 99.25%
5th place Sara Clark - 11 errors, 99.08%
6th place Tammy McGhee - 13 errors, 98.91%
7th place Gregory Mizanin - 18 errors, 98.5%
8th place Angela Starbuck - 26 errors, 97.83%        


Testimony (Q&A) - 280 words per minute
1st place         Pamela Greenfield - 3 errors, 99.67%         
2nd place Sara Clark - 4 errors, 99.71%
3rd place Marlene Ebner - 19 errors, 98.64%
4th place Carla Kuhn - 22 errors, 98.42%
5th place Gregory Mizanin - 28 errors, 98.0%
6th place Timothy Meinke - 29 errors, 97.93%
7th place Ilene White - 49 errors, 96.5% 

Hagestrom Cup Speed Contest Rules

2018 OCRA Annual Conference, Friday, April 13, 2018

Five minute tests will be dictated as follows: 
Literary: 220 words per minute 
Jury charge: 240 words per minute 
Testimony: 280 words per minute 

Total transcription time allowed: Four and a half hours. 

The testimony will be two-voice dictation.  Neither the Q or A will be counted nor read. 

Any writer of shorthand (pen or machine) who is a resident of the state of Ohio and member of OCRA in good standing and who has attained at least NCRA RPR or CRC status. 

One of each take. 

Contestants must give to the committee satisfactory assurance that they have not received, directly or indirectly, any remuneration or promise of remuneration of whatever character for entering or winning any part of this contest. 

Please register on the Annual Conference registration form. The fee is $40 if paid by registration deadline. Fee to be paid prior to contest. 

The defending champion, if present, will have their choice of seats. Subsequent seating shall be at the discretion of the chief examiner of the Hagestrom Cup contest. 

The contestant qualifying in the most number of sections with the highest combined percentage shall be declared "champion" and shall be awarded a Hagestrom Cup championship trophy. A contestant may win the competition three times (not necessarily in succession) and will be entitled to "retire" the cup, after which time said contestant will not be permitted to participate. Medals will be awarded to the writers who place second and third, and an appropriate certificate to those who attain 95 percent or higher on any of the three tests. No transcript will be eligible for consideration with less than 95 percent accuracy. 

Winners and qualifiers will be announced during the Annual Conference. A trophy will be awarded for first place, medals will be awarded for second and third place, and an appropriate certificate to those who attain 95 percent or higher. The contest committee will publish/announce only names of qualifying contestants. 

Effective 10/1/2011, NCRA has adopted new rules for attaining CEUs and PDCs. OCRA mirrors NCRA's rules on awarding CEUs for contests, so all contests after the 2012 speed and realtime contests will abide by the new rules. 

NCRA certification holders who successfully complete a speed contest at or above the level of the RMR speeds and/or successfully complete a realtime contest at or above 180 words per minute straight matter at 96% accuracy may earn 0.25 PDC per leg. Credits for any speed contest leg or realtime contest leg will be awarded only once per three-year continuing education cycle (maximum of 1.0 credit from all non-CEU credits accepted by NCRA per three-year cycle). 

Participants who do not wish to do their own typing may dictate their notes, but the typist must be excluded from the examination room during dictation. Transcripts will be marked for identification and corrected in such a manner that it will be impossible to know whose work is being examined until after the grading has been completed. A printer will be provided by OCRA.

A typist may only type for one contestant. Computer-aided transcription may be used. Electric stenotype machines may be used, but only in the battery mode. No tape recorders will be permitted in the examination room except those that may be used by the Speed Contest Committee. 

The Speed Contest Committee will publish no names or information concerning any contestant or transcript except such as qualify under the rules. 

All transcripts and notes of such transcripts are to become the property of OCRA. 

The President of OCRA will appoint a committee of three, including a chairperson, for the purpose of selecting the time, place, material, dictators, and being responsible for the overall supervision of the contest. 

The decisions of the committee made under these rules, or such supplementary rules as may be found necessary at the time of the contest, shall be final. 

Determination of what is an error shall be determined by the current rules and guidelines of NCRA

 Past Hagestrom Cup Champions

1965 Patrick F. Holland 
1966 Patrick F. Holland 
1967 Patrick F. Holland - Retired 
1968 Sam Fasline 
1969 Dennis Hagestrom 
1970 Dennis Hagestrom 
1971 Dennis Hagestrom – Retired 
1972 F.L. Seymour 
1973 Thomas F. Runfola 
1974 Douglas Lindee 
1975 Thomas F. Runfola 
1976 Patricia C. Koltz 
1977 Thomas F. Runfola – Retired 
1978 Roger Yenke 
1979 Patricia Koltz 
1980 Cynthia Tolar 
1981 Diane DiDonna Doll 
1982 Diane DiDonna Doll 
1983 Sandra K. Corpe 
1984 Judith A. Broquet 
1985 Lisa Nagy-Baker – Tied 
Deborah Sniderhan – Tied 
1986 Deborah Sniderhan 
1987 Lisa Nagy-Baker 
1988 Deborah Sniderhan – Retired 
1989 Lisa Nagy-Baker – Retired 
1990 Debbie Smith 
1991 Sally Booth-Bennett 
1992 Suzanne Vadnal 
1993 Suzanne Vadnal 
1994 Suzanne Vadnal – Retired 
1995 Charles Cady 
1996 Charles Cady 
1997 Anne McBrayer 
1998 Mary Frazier 
1999 Charles Cady – Retired 
2000 Mary Frazier 
2001 Nancy Nunes 
2002 Mary Frazier Schweinhagen - Retired 
2003 Nancy Nunes 
2004 Lynn Els 
2006 Allison Kimmel 
2007 Lynn Els 
2008 Lynn Els - Retired 
2009 Nancy Nunes - Retired 
2010 Robert Lloyd 
2011 Lin Riffle 
2012 Sue Trischan 
2013 Peggy Wellemeyer 
2014 Timothy Meinke
2015 Lahana DuFour
2016 Kristin Wegryn