OCRA Student Membership Sponsorship

Support the future of our profession!! Sponsor a membership in OCRA for a student (or more)!
The student membership year starts September 1st and is valid for one year.
If you sponsor after April 1, dues will be applied to the upcoming dues year (from that point forward through August 31st the following year). Dues received between September 1st and March 31st will be applied to the current membership cycle.

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If yes, please indicate student's information below (if you have more than one student's contact information, please include their information in the "Additional Information" section below or email info@ocraonline.com with their information).
If no, and you want to generally sponsor a student and let OCRA find that student for you, please leave the information below blank and proceed to payment.
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Student membership dues within OCRA are $25 per year.
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